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Sea animals are amazing. Many of them, like fish and sharks, have gills that help them breathe in the water. Animals like whales and dolphins have blowholes that allow them to breathe on the surface because they’re mammals and breathe air. Animals like squids can grow to be 6 ft tall! Male sea horses are the ones to lay the eggs, not the female! Many water animals have different variations. For example there are many different types of seals, like harp seals, sea lions, elephant seals, and many others. There are also extinct sea animals and others that are going extinct like Beluga whales. Sea animals are very fascinating and you can learn so much about them. If you go deep into the ocean, you can find very weird looking fish, like jelly fish and butterfly fish! Overall, sea animals in the oceans and rivers are very fascinating creatures.


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Giraffes are the tallest land animal. The family that they belong to is called Giraffidae, which contains giraffes and okapi, but they are also related to deer and cattle. The reason for the giraffes long neck is so that they can eat leaves from trees. Some zoologists think that they have an extra vertebrae; eight instead of seven. The forelegs of the giraffe are about 10% longer than their back legs. They have a very powerful kick.


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