The new apple invention known as the iPad is a mix between a iPhone and a laptop. It is approximately 9.5″ by 7.5″. It is 1.5lbs. a very portable type of laptop. However, there is a debate on whether this will be a success to apple. Some people say that it isn’t going anywhere. They say that it is not as powerful as a computer or laptop and it is too large to be a phone. They think that with that in mind there would be no need for such an invention. However, there are others that think that the iPad will end up replacing the kindle, an electronic book by Amazon. In some peoples opinion, the iPad would be a better idea. First of all, it has a colored screen while the kindle is black and white. It also has more features than the kindle and is only about $10 more than the Kindle. However, others who just want the electronic book may want to spend less money on just an electronic book. Also, there are some people who like the black and white look and the paper looking screen of the kindle. There is no one better choice however, in my opinion, I would choose the iPad. It has more features and i like colored screens better than black and white screens. All in all, there is no better device it is just a matter of opinion.


Hats Photo Gallery

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“Machinima is the use of real-time three-dimensional (3-D) graphics rendering engines to generate computer animation” or at least according to Wikipedia. If you say machinima to random person they probably will not know what you’re talking about (unless of course they are obsessed with computers or anything related to video games). If you search machinima on dictionary.com it will say “no results found,” that is because machinimas are actually a fairly recent and modern idea, but the fan base of machinimas are growing at a steady rate.

You might already be a fan of a machinima, but you never heard the word before. A machinima is commonly known as a funny (not necessarily) video made by using a video game and voicing the characters. One of the most notorious machinima is Red vs Blue by Rooster Teeth (BEWARE: contains some possibly offensive materials and vast amounts of swearing that is sometimes in other languages). Personally I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and all of their released material, but that is just my opinion.

Machinimas are great ways to kill some time and are usually really funny to watch. If you are looking for other machinimas there are several out there in the community known as the world wide web (or more commonly www). A great source of machinimas is youtube, but because anyone can post almost anything on youtube you should beware of offensive or mature material if you just type in the word machinima in the search box.

If you don’t like Red vs Blue or you think Halo is outdated you can always look for another machinima.
There are machinimas of all kinds about almost anything, but are mostly commonly made with video games. If you love a video game then you might be interested in watching a machinima about your favorite video game.  If you search “any video game (fill this in with the video game you want) machinima” you should find the machinima you want, no guarantees though. If you read my blog you should spread the word about machinimas, the new form of entertainment.

Vocaloid2 (most recent):

Hatsune Miku: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Miku_Hatsune

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len:http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Rin/Len_Kagamine

Megurine Luka: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Luka_Megurine

Megpoid / Megpuo Gumi: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Gumi

Gackpoid / Gackpuo Kamui: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Gackpoid


MEIKO: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Meiko

KAITO: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Kaito


Kasane Teto: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Teto_Kasane

Voyakiloids (failed Vocaloids): http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Voyakiloid

My favorite shoe museum is the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I haven’t been there in a while but I remember it to be exceedingly interesting. There were knight shoes, shoes for foot binding, high heels of extensive altitude, and more. Here is the website http://www.batashoemuseum.ca/. The contest submissions from 2007 are creative and often dramatic. Here is a link .

Hat Lights

While I was on Google looking at hats for my gallery I saw this really cool light fixture! They were hats! The picture is in my hats gallery so you should definitely take a look!

Legacy Place

There is a new shopping plaza in Dedham, Massachusetts.  It contains many stores such as Sugar Heaven, Qdoba, A big Apple store, P.F. Changs, Kings Bowling, L.L. Bean, Whole Foods, City Sports, and many other stores.  Legacy Place has a lot of good stores that are really cool.  Qdoba had good nachos and quesadillas.  You can walk in to the Apple Store and test a lot of the MacBooks there and even the iPhone and itouch.  They are also gonna come out with the iPad on April 3, which is just like a laptop. You should really consider going there sometime in Dedham, because it is amazing.  It used to be a Showcase Cinemas, and now it is a huge shopping mall, except the stores are not connected.  It is an amazing plaza.